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From Kelly Dorius:




I chose this commercial for numerous different reasons. I love the “fairytale” atmosphere with the gentle old man helping all the children. Although the circus scene is weird, I think that’s why I like the commercial so much. You never know what different ways he is going to use the umbrella to help those in need. My other favorite part of this ad is the music. It reminds me of the soundtrack to the movie Finding Neverland, which I LOVE! The energy throughout the entire commercial, makes me get lost in it’s whimsical creative. Definitely one of my favorites, I look forward to this commercial each time I watch television. 



One Response

  1. This flip clip is a good choice of an advertisement for three reasons. It allows the viewers to resonate to their childhood when they thought of a magic fairy tale with circus animals, flying high above the clouds, and rafting down the river. It also pushes us to really think about all that is going on and wonder what this “big red umbrella” is for. What does it do? Where did it come from? Why is this small man with a neatly trimmed mustache carrying it in such a flawless manner? All of these questions while watching this film clip make the viewer focus their attention and pull the audience in. Lastly, I think this advertisement is a success because it tells the audience a clear focused message at the end, letting the viewer know that this insurance company is there for you in every situation no matter where you mind takes you. To expand further on this thought, it makes the viewing audience feel like this is a kids commercial and in the end its for a more mature crowd…what a great concept. Overall I think the advertisement was a success and kudos to the ad agency that created this ad.

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