Megan Says These are Clever!

From Megan Criss:



I received these in an e-mail and thought they were the coolest advertisements ever!  I just had to share them!  I love how these advertisements interact with the landscape in which they are placed, grabbing the attention of passersby – people are even taking pictures!  They are extremely communicative with minimal language.  The Mr. Clean advertisement is strictly visual, yet the meaning it is trying to convey is absolutely clear.  Clever, clever!



6 Responses

  1. I think advertisement on outdoor is really attractive because advertiser can use the more space than TV and magazine advertisement.
    Furthermore, in these kinds of advertisement, many more people can become audience unlikely TV and magazine because every passer by can look at these advertisement as landscape. Advertiser can target on many more audience.

  2. My favorite is absolutely the boy with the the bubblegum. I had to study it to figure out if it is real or not. I think a print ad that not only captures your attention but keeps your attention for longer than a few seconds is a influential print advertisment. I think these print ads do just that!

  3. All of these ads caught my attention! While looking at all of them, I realized I liked each of them because they were different, outside the norm. I like the Mr. Clean ad because it was such a simple idea, but with a big message.

    I think landscape advertising is genius. These ads are different than the average billboard and they force you to stop and examine them.

  4. These are some very interesting advertisements. They definitely get my attention. One issue I have with them is that like many advertisements they are not informational. The one for the shaver is the best in my opinion, but sometimes I don’t want advertisements to grab my attention. I want a simple ad that gives me information on the product and doesn’t brain wash me subconsciously with brand imaging. Some of these ads are eye sores and go over the top.

  5. This is why I want to go into advertising. I’m tired of lame ads that just talk about the product or resort to sex and violence to sell. These methods of advertising are boring, unimaginative, and lazy. What consumers (and I) are truly drawn to are clever, creative, smart ads like the outdoor ones in this post. Advertising should do more than just sell things, it should make us laugh, inspire us to be better, and brighten our world.

  6. Billboard ads are so amazing. You have a lot of freedom to think outside the box when designing a billboard and if you have the money, you can do some amazing, eye-catching ads. I found this Adidas billboard on youtube. It caught a lot of attention from the internet and the media for its creativity. It’s called vertical soccer- two men are tied to bungy cords with a soccer ball and they play across the billboard. it’s like billboards to the extreme. Really cool. Check it out.
    Look up it on under the name:
    Vertical Soccer
    Addidas Vertical soccer in Japan on a billboard

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