Rhapsody commercial: understated and terrific!

From Alison Kiely:



This ad completely caught me off guard the first time that i saw it. Since the visual is so plain and almost boring, I didn’t pay attention to it. However, the jolly, carefree music caught my attention in time for the best part of the ad, the end. The ad is trying to illustrate the fact that you can use the product nearly anywhere and at the end it throws in a funny twist by calling the ex-girlfriend crazy. I think that everybody has had a crazy ex-girlfriend or boyfriend so it catches the attention of most in a humorous way! It is understated, yet the point of the ad comes across in a catchy and funny way! I love it!




One Response

  1. I like this commercial because they do a great job in showing different ways of how to play your music using rhapsody. The graphics of the commercial draw you in immediaetly and keep you interested. I like this better than the itunes commercials.

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