Years of Fun with Jeep

From Adam Noack:

I like this ad for a couple of reasons. The first is that I really like the

song. It’s really catchy and gets stuck in your head, but not in an annoying

way. Even though it’s a classic I hadn’t heard the song until this ad came

on and now it’s one of my favorites. And the song fits the ad perfectly. It

captures the idea portrayed in the visuals of changing times and has a pace

that seems to match the movement of the various jeeps across the screen. The

second is that I really like the visuals. They all correspond to some period

in American history or some part of popular culture, like WWII, the first

mission to the moon, Woodstock, X-games snowboarding, and the popular TV

show “Lost.” This is likely to connect with viewers of all ages so it’s a

smart strategy. Obviously, in most, if not all of the clips, the jeeps are

added in digitally, which in this instance works well because it adds some

humor to the commercial, especially when the Jeep joins the snowboarder in

the half-pipe and drives by on the set of “Lost.”


One Response

  1. This is a very creative advertisement, I agree with Adam that this will resonate with a number of different demograhics. It places the Jeep in places that would be humerous to those of that generation. While I personally find the scenes with snowboarding and “Lost” to be the most entertaining, it is completely subjective depending on your own experiences. Seeing the Jeep through multiple decades instills a sense of trust in the brand. Knowing that Jeep has been around for 66 years makes me feel that it has had to redefine itself constantly to gain the support of the public.

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