Another good story

From Walker Clark:




I chose to post this ad because I thought it was an extremely clever way to show off the features of this car.  Instead of just explaining what additional features Honda added to the Pilot, they chose to develop a story that would use humor to show the features.  The use of humor made me want to actually watch the entire ad, and it is not until the end of the ad that they show the highlighted feature. I think its a great ad.




2 Responses

  1. what a great way to translate an attribute into a benefit!

  2. This is a fairly new commercial and I saw it just the other day ago and agree with you that it was a very clever way to show off the features of this car. It made me laugh and I for sure remembered it. It was like what we discussed in class about capturing the audience attention quickly. This did so and in a very unexpected manor. You wouldn’t think an air balloon full of nudest would be piled into your car, but thats what made it funny and then you could easily see why he choose to use his rear view tv screen to see what was behind him. I will say the colors are a little bla for me of this ad, but the overall concept was great.

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