How does this work, exactly?

From Brianna Pinder

This is an advertisement for Geico car insurance, but it uses Mrs. Butterworth as a spokesperson in the commercial. It’s a pretty cheesy commercial (I think that’s how it is meant to be), but I was wondering what made Geico decide to use Mrs. Butterworth. Even though she represents a completely different product (maple syrup), she is the symbol of another brand. Did Geico have to get permission/pay to use Mrs. Butterworth in this commercial? Or did Pinnacle Foods Group (the company that makes Mrs. Butterworth’s Original Syrup) let Geico use their mascot for free as a “product placement” sort of plug? Does using Mrs. Butterworth in this commercial benefit Geico or Pinnacle Foods Group in any way? It didn’t necessarily make me feel one way or another about Geico car insurance or Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup, but I was wondering what others thought after viewing this commercial.


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  1. First of all, I love these commercials. It was very interesting to see the combination of the two brands. I’m not sure who contacted whom, but I could see Pinnacle Foods Group contacting Geico in hopes to get some publicity off of their successful ad campaign. I mean, it has been a while since a Mrs. Butterworth commercial.

    Another reason why it seems that Pinnacle Food Group may have contacted Geico is because in the beginning of the ad, the voice over refers to Mrs. Butterworth as an “advertising spokesperson,” and each time Mrs. Butterworth speaks, she is commenting on an attribute or benefit about her product. Regardless of who initiated the idea to use Mrs. Butterworth in a Geico commercial, I am sure it has had some affect on their syrup sales.

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