From Meghan Foley:

Suburu Heaven Commerical
I chose this commercial because every single time that it is on, I can’t help but watch it all the way through and go ‘awww.’ If I were to tell someone about this commercial, I think they would think I am a sucker. To see the story, hear the music, see the sad old Suburu in its last days really creates an emotional tie with the viewer. I am normally skeptical about an ad as cheesy as this, but I am drawn in to the story every time it comes on. I think it reaches out to so many people that had ‘that beater’ first car that they named and loved and will never forget. This is a really creative idea that makes a car, which might normally be a ‘think’ product, into a ‘feel’ product. In this way, it draws in even people who normally do not care about cars by giving it a life and some history. The way  that this commercial is done is so unique. Although, it is somewhat risky as they are portraying the death of their product, it also still manages to show shots of the new product as if to say, retire your old Suburu honorably, and get a new one. I think this level of ‘feel’ is something that not very many car ads reach like this. As corny as this ad might be, I really like it and think it is a creative and effective way to tribute a brand. 

One Response

  1. I thought this was a very effective ad. I saw the title and thought subaru heaven was going to be a really fun place to drive a subaru or something like that. Realizing it was where you leave your car to rest was a much more powerful thought and actually made me feel sad for the car owner. I think using the idea of a strong emotional attachment to your vehicle is very effective and makes others want to have a product that they could feel strongly about. A good job overall by Subaru.

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