It is an illusion

From Stephanie Sayler


I just saw this commercial on FOX and I absolutely loved it! The ad is composed entirely of single images all put together to create the illusion of movement. I think this is such a creative idea, i have seen photographs put together to form something similar to this for art projects or slide shows but never like this. The borders of each picture do not line up so it looks as if they are rotating all over the place and it gives the ad a bit of chaos to confuse and draw your eye. I think this is a very successful commercial that i would love to see turned into a campaign and reproduced in several different ways!



2 Responses

  1. I agree, I think this would make a very successful campaign as well. It really shows the diversity of situations a consumer could use the camera while keeping the same fast paced sports theme. I also shows the most important feature of the camera which is fast picture taking speed without saying it but instead shows you. I think its great.

  2. This Canon Rebel XSI ad is great! It’s unusual to see a television advertisement that relies on still imagery, but this ad reflects the nature of cameras so well. The images snapped are powerful and tell a story, which corresponds to the brand’s tagline: “Photography is a journey.” And I am also impressed with how smooth the transitions are from activity to activity!

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