Jackie says “disgusting”

From Jackie Sheean

Does any one else find this ad disgusting? 

Do you think this is an effective way to sell gum?


I had seen the water cooler one on tv a lot lately and it grosses me out so much! It makes me want to change the channel. It seems like they were trying to make the gum sexy, but this is NOT HOT. I don’t get it. Mouthwatering? Mentos will make other people want to drink from your mouth? The glug glug sound makes the whole act so disgusting. Does this woman normally stick her mouth on the water cooler to drink? The commercial would have been a bit more tolerable if she used a cup to get water from the mans mouth, as if she was using the cooler. The elevator type music makes this seem like this happens all the time. Maybe this guy sitting next to the water cooler has replaced it by chewing mentos gum. So I perused youtube and found a second gross mentos ad.



 The second commercial also uses the “gross out” factor, with the extending nipples. I think a disgusting ad is good for catching the audience’s attention, but I don’t think the strategy pairs well with a food item.



8 Responses

  1. I’m so glad you posted these ads and find them equally disgusting! I saw the “mouthwatering” ad for the first time last weekend (and many times after that and I didn’t even watch T.V. that much!). After watching it, I had to replay it in mind, then the “glug-glug” noise hit me and I wanted to vomit. I was seriously grossed out. The nipple commercial was just plain weird and disturbing. Who would want to buy Mentos gum now? Maybe Mentos was trying achieve the humor factor, but completely missed. The gross-out factor is definately not used in the right way here, especially with a product like gum. The only affective use of the gross-out factor in a food commercial I have seen is the ad Prof. Sheehan showed us in class for the T.V show about weirds eats; the one where the guy chooses a cow heart out of the vending machine and eats it.

  2. I have to agree with Jackie and Catlin, both of these ads are TERRIBLE! The water cooler one, is a little better only because it’s shorter…but the nipple ad. What the hell!? I can’t even begin to image what the ad team was thinking as they brainstormed for either one of these ads. Neither one of these commercials make me want to chew mentos gum, and they both justify my disappointment with the intelligence of mankind. Thanks, Jackie, for showing me yet another example of stupidity amongst advertising.

  3. Yes! My roommates constantly torture me with these ads! Whenever one comes on, they’ll tell me to “COME QUICK!” and when I run in thinking something big and important is on fire, I find a man with ridiculously long nipples. It really, really bothers me and I don’t know why. I now associate Mentos with fear and hatred, which I’m pretty sure is not the desired effect…

  4. Doesn’t this just make you wonder who the target is?
    Or could this be an example of ad that was developed without any strategy?

  5. My boyfriend and I also hate these ads… very unappealing. I want to know who came up with this… and what they were thinking.

  6. This was the first time I’d seen either Mentos Ad, and I can’t say either was very effective. The first one, although kind of gross, held my attention because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It didn’t really make me want a Mentos though. The second ad was an upgrade from the first, and a bit more effective. Maybe that’s just the guy side of me saying that, but sex sells, and the content in the second one is more appropriate for a commercial and makes more sense than the first one. You really just can’t take an ad like this too literally or seriously.

  7. I think these are hilarious and if this kind of shock disgust is what it takes to get our attention then they are winning for sure.

  8. Compared to what is on TV nowadays, I don’t think these ads are that disgusting. I don’t think the water cooler ad is that good (it’s kind of a stretch), but as ridiculous as the nipple ad is, I think it is hilarious. Neither ad is really offensive, there just ridiculous and have absolutely nothing to do with gum.

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