Products as Props

From Hilary Schlager:


I immediately thought of this Friends episode (The one with the apothecary table) when we talked about product as props in class. I think it shows how a product can be incorporated so well into a television show. I think that in the case of this episode, the brand placement role is brand as star. The whole episode revolves around Pottery Barn. In the rest of the episode, Rachel goes on to keep buying basically all of Pottery Barn’s furniture and tricking Phoebe into thinking they are originally pieces. In the end, Phoebe finds out Rachel’s lying and wants to buy the lamp to complete the furniture set. This really helps show the concept we learned in class.  It also gives a good name to Pottery Barn.


2 Responses

  1. First of all, I LOVE Friends 🙂 And I strongly agree with you about the product as props in this episode. Just in the two and a half minute clip that you posted they say “Pottery Barn” 8 times, and throughout the rest of the episode they must say it at least 10+ more times. This is an excellent strategy for getting your product/store in a show without being blatantly obvious. Pottery Barn ties directly into the storyline, so it flows very well with the show, and you don’t even realize that you’re being bombarded with a 30 minute ad for the store. And, personally, I had never really explored a Pottery Barn or even been in a store more than once, but after I watched this episode I was intrigued by their trendy furniture, and I thought since the Friends cast liked it that it must be cool. I think this is an excellent example, and this show actually has several other episodes that use strategic product placement, name dropping, and products as props.

  2. I agree with Hilary and Camille on how clever it was to implement Pottery Barn into a Friends episode. The trendy furniture goes along with the image of the Friends cast and promotes Pottery Barn in a good light. While this specific two and a half minute clip from the show doesn’t always show Pottery Barn in the best way, with Rachel saying that nothing is authentic from the store, Ross and Rachel both show their enthusiasm for the beautiful and new accessories. By simply placing a product in a show, such as friends, the company gets a good name.

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