A Greenlist

From Nicole Jones:
Lately there has been an S.C. Johnson ad on TV that has caught my attention. It shows the president/CEO of the company explaining how they are “doing their part” by using the methane gases from a nearby landfill to power one of their factories. Sorry I couldn’t for the life of me find a version of it to post for those of you who haven’t seen it, but they have a press release on their website with some basic information on it:


At first, after seeing this ad for the first time I was a little puzzled since this is the company that gives us Glade, Scrubbing Bubbles, Windex, Raid, Pledge and many more household products. Many of these products, after dumped into landfills, can seep into the ground water and contaminate it, which to me doesn’t seem all together environmentally responsible. To quiet my concerns about the seemingly contradictory statements, I went onto their websites to determine if it was just a green-washing ploy. It turns out that they have introduced this “Greenlist” program to help consumers make environmentally conscious decisions. I couldn’t find any 3rd party information on accuracy of this program, but nonetheless, the company is trying to position their products ‘more green’ than others. This seems to be a sneaky way to make a low involvement product into a high involvement product unless there is actual evidence their products are environmentally friendly.


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