Mentos in China

From Nathan Emerson-Verhoeven
I was looking for the new Mentos ad that’s running on cable, but ended up finding this chinese Mentos ad. I think its use of affective and USP strategies makes it stand out as a well executed advertisement. First, the ad starts out with two guys sitting at a desk in an office. Both of them are chewing Mentos, and the guy on the left starts to make shapes out of his Mentos, trying to impress his buddy. He makes two shapes, which his friend shrugs off as lame. Then, his friend, who is chewing the new version of Mentos, makes an elaborate fountain with it (here’s the USP part of the product being expressed visually). I saw this as telling the viewer that regular Mentos aren’t as exciting as the new Mentos filled with liquid. What’s also interesting about this ad is that it doesn’t describe what the product tastes like, it just says that now it has a filling, which means that it is intended for an audience who is already familiar with the product. I don’t think they make Mentos like this here, but if they ever start, I’m buying some.

Chinese Mentos ad:


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