OK..they gave out the glasses…the ape attacked a lady..

From Elizabeth Heidner






An health insurance company in Holland called “FBTO” provided special glasses toview the Gorilla Bikito at the Rotterdam Zoo. The gorilla attacked a woman on May 18th, who held eye contact with the gorilla, something that aggravates the animals to attack. The glasses FBTO gave out for free are called “BokitoViewers,” they have eyes printed on them that look away from the gorilla, with small holes so that the visitors can look directly at the gorilla safely.


I really like the idea of the glasses because the idea is unique, funny to look at, and a creative solution. On top of subtly, but brilliantly, advertising the idea that FBTO offers “simple solutions.” This type of guerilla advertising is what originally got me interested. I wish more agencies would do things like this to catch the attention of consumers!


(The Agency was DDB of Amsterdam.)



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