From David Vengel:

This is an ad for Requip, a Restless Leg Syndrome drug. This is a good example of drug companies creating problems for people to sell drugs.  The second video I sent is great. It is the same commercial slowed down and examined by consumer reports. Apparently Restless Leg Syndrome only affects about 3 percent of the population. The only description given in the ad of the syndrome is an urge to get up and move at night. According to my logic this can be caused by anything and is an easy trick to get any “restless” person to look into the drug. The best part is the side effects…“May cause increased gambling”, drugs always have ridiculous side effects. The side effects of Requip really do seem much worse than the original problem…. Increased gambling… are you kidding?


5 Responses

  1. I really thought this was a joke ad until I googled the drug.

  2. This ad is for real? the first time i watched it i thought it was a joke and going to be for something else. Don’t advertisers feel bad about possible manipulating people to buying something they do not need. Can they get sued if someone takes the drug and has some negative side effects?

  3. Jacob, good questions. They could get sued (anyone can sue anyone) but the drug companies have two things in their favor: 1. they disclose all the risk in the patient information sheet that goes with the drug, so they can say ‘we told you what the risks were and you chose to take it anyway, so it isn’t our fault’ and 2. they have wonderful lawyers who will be able to confuse the issue so you think that the boils on your face came from the pop tart you ate last night and not the drug.

    The first question is a little trickier. My guess is that this drug was being developed for some other disease and along the way it was discovered it helped restless leg syndrome. And in reality, there are people who suffer from it and lose sleep and therefore aren’t productive members of society. There’s also some concern that RLS may be related to Parkinson’s disease, although there is a lot of controversy over this. So…the question of need is really up to the beholder.

    But as long as the First Amendment exists, legal products will have the right to advertise in the United States.

  4. I loved watching the second video by Consumer Reports. They seem to be a good unbiased source of information. I’ve always thought drug/pharmaceutical advertisments are among the most deceptive form of advertisments out there and stragely they’re also some of the most hilarious… because of mentionning things like “increased gambling and sexual desires…” When advertising most products you don’t have to mention the negatives like you do for drugs. That probably makes advertising for them especially difficult. You’ll notice advertisers will try to distract attention away from the side effects by showing interesting or calming images while they list them off.

  5. I think I need to take Requip to increase my sexual urges. I’m just kidding. I don’t know what I think is worse—the commercial or the lovely spokeswoman girl dissecting an already terrible ad. Sometimes my legs feel weird at night when I’m in my bed. Do I have RLS? Actually, I think I have a cramp in my left leg as we speak. The ad that she discussed was deceptive, and I agree that most prescription drug commercials are deceptive. I especially love it when the narrator will calmly mention, “May cause heart attacks.” I guess those companies use that way of advertising because there seems to be no other way to advertise for prescription drugs.

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