Spice up your life!

From Sam Johnson:

Firstly, this ad is hilarious. I selected this ad because I often time change that station during advertisements, but this one keeps me tuned in. The amusing nature of this ad prompted me to post it. In the past, the traditional sporty body wash by old spice was targeted towards middle-younger age men. Old spice was creative when constructing an advertising approach for their new ‘hair and body wash’ product. The advertisement incorporates a wide range of strangely funny men, thus it appears Old Spice’s campaign is targeted towards ALL ages of men. This was cleverly done in the ad.

I find this commercial to be absolutely hilarious while also being highly effective in getting the message across. In fact, I bought myself some old spice body/hair wash soon after watching the ad.

What are your thoughts?


3 Responses

  1. I really like this campaign by Old Spice. I have been seeing ads my Rolling Stone magazine and just find it hilarious. I thought however that they have always targeted everyone. They used to have a tag line printed on the back of their body wash bottles that said, “If your grandpa didn’t use it, you wouldn’t exist.” Old Spice has always done a good job at representing itself to all ages and showing that the classic choice is the right choice. I actually don’t use anything but Old Spice.

  2. I found this advertisement very funny. Although the people appeared in it are not really people we see in the real life, it successfully brings out the message that old spice body wash is suitable for everyone.

  3. I thought this ad was funny. I like Old Spice’s ads way better Axe’s or Tag’s. Axe and Tag are a bit too racy and provocative to me, then again I’m not their target audience, but I probably wont’ buy those brands for my boyfriend. With Old Spice though on the other hand I would consider buying it for him. It was a funny commercial that didn’t go overboard on the sex. It was just funny and little silly. If i were at the store I would remember this ad and the fact that “its right for everyone!” and probably giggle a little bit as I buy it.

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