Staying Tuned In!

From Elissa Gavette:


This article </a>focuses on an interesting solution that MTV is pursuing in an attempt to answer the question of how to get people to stay tuned in during the commercials. The idea of ads that mimic programming and are sponsored is almost like reverting back to the sponsorship era. An example of how they are doing this is the “micro-series” featuring Alicia Keys during the commercials of The Hills this past season. The series was sponsored by Dove (hence the name “Fresh Takes”). Another example was the American Eagle “It’s a Mall World” series that aired during the show The Real World last year. Although it would seem like getting Alicia Keys to take part would beneficial, her acting made it almost unbearable to watch, so it was not successful in my opinion. The American Eagle spots, however, were a little more interesting since it was the classic will-the-guy-get-the-girl story that left you always wondering at the end.

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