Using Humor and Ambiguity Works!

From Kimberly Federics:

I came across these Bloom Grocery ads while surfing the web. The website that I originally found these advertisements from completely slips my mind. They had a lot of good ads, but the Bloom campaign was in my opinion by far the best. I think these advertisements are really funny. They do a great job of using humor to capture their audience. The campaign is called “Shop Happy.” I think the creators did an excellent job exploring this theme, and convey this message really well.  Each actor’s sad story has a humorous and happy solution. Hopefully, none of us have experienced any of the actor’s problems. However, all of us can relate to the character’s sad situations. All of us at one time or another had a bad day. The message is clear. Has something horrible happened to you? Here’s a simple solution. Go shop at Bloom. Their friendly staff and great deals will make you forget all of your troubles. Through being cheesy and stating their objective obviously the advertisers have created a funny advertisement. The campaign, is successful at capturing their audience’s attention. I especially like how they used the environment to create a more dramatic situation, rather than just having the actors speak. The character seems to be gliding through the store depressed everything is dark and nothing could ever help them. Then out of nowhere here comes the Bloom employee, our hero. The character is thus transformed into being a happy carefree person once again. The filming is a clever way to emphasis the story. I also think the creators did a good job giving audience members a chance to share an emotional connection with the brand. Through a funny, yet sad advertisement they create an emotion for their audience. The viewer is immediately taken in by the statement the actor makes, and wants to find out more about the situation. I think it’s a really successful campaign. 



(it was really hard for me to choose. I think they are all really funny, so I thought I would send you all my favorites. If you don’t feel like looking through them you can just post the first two.)


3 Responses

  1. I haven’t seen these before and they’re pretty funny!

  2. I thought this campaign was hilarious. As a young adult I got them. If i saw one on TV I wouldn’t change the channel like I would with other grocery store ads. This ad doesn’t follow the norm for a grocery store ad and I think thats why it works so well. It is something different and entertaining. Each person has a story that the average American can relate to and used in this form it’s so easy to laugh about. If there was a Bloom near me I would shop there.

  3. I think that this campaign is great. It seems like supermarkets and retailers in general (except Target) rely on very basic and usually boring advertising. These ads really stand out from the rest. It is also refreshing to see them competing on something other than price. They are able to recognize that they can’t compete with giants like Walmart on the pricing of products but they can provide superior service and overall a better shopping atmosphere.

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