Alex wants to know!

From Alex Orr:
I have been obsessed with Weiden and Kennedy ever since I had the opportunity to job shadow one of their assistant creative directors on the Nike account during spring break. This visit made me choose advertising as a career because of the workplace environment and creativity. I know that W+K just had a post but I thought that there in-house ad school was something that was pretty interesting. The W+K12 school is very competitive, which is representative of the workforce in general. It is a pretty special opportunity because it’s a school where you get to work with an industry leader and create stuff on real accounts. You produce spots that will be used publicly in an environment that is educational. I have been thinking about this subject of where to apply after school quite a lot lately, even though I am only finishing my sophomore year. W+K is my dream job and I know that it is one of the best and hires the best. This keeps me motivated to produce quality work. Also they get to bring their dogs into work with them and that is pretty cool.

So my questions are:
What is your dream job in advertising (if that is your area)?
What is it about advertising that you like most?
Are you thinking about what agencies you would like to apply to?


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