From Mackenzie Pulliam:


I thought that these two commercials were really funny because who would have thought that ice cream treats could be advertised in a sexual way. Using sex and humor is what keeps your attention. Giving the soft serve and waffle bowl personalities and having them be in a relationship is clever! I think that using humor is a great way to keep people’s attention, especially when the first thing people want to do is change the channel when a commercial comes on. These ads bring you in and keep your attention because you want to know what the final outcome is. Dairy queen has done a few ads where humor was incorporated such as the brownie batter blizzard. It seems like getting the shock factor and humor incorporated makes people stick around to watch the whole ad and has Dairy Queen apart from other ice cream/dessert shops where they just explain the ice cream! Although slightly odd to see the waffle bowl sexily spraying whip cream on himself for the soft serve or someones tongue being ripped off, it is still funny and makes me want to go get a waffle bowl sundae or blizzard from Dairy Queen! 

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