First Mrs. Butterworth, Then…

From Valerie Riffe:
I was thinking about how Geico has several different ads running for their ad campaign and whether or not that is an effective way to get their message across. I know that there most recent ad has sort of a animal planet feel to it with the British explorer that follows the gecko around doing normal gecko things. But this ad for Geico is my favorite probably because of the use of the Cabbage Patch Kid in the commercial. It makes no sense to use the Cabbage Patch Kid, but I love the fact that they used the affective strategic approach and used humor. Go Cabbage Patch Kid!


2 Responses

  1. I find this ad extremely refreshing for Geico. I felt like they were riding the whole “Gecko” concept for a little too long and those ads with the British explorer aren’t very funny in my opinion. I’ve become so accustomed to the Geico Gecko, that I would often flip the channel if one of those commercials came on, but I remember that when I first saw this on TV my interest was peaked and I watched the whole ad. I feel that the complete irrelevancy of Cabbage Patch dolls and Geico made this ad humorous. I think that Geico needs to leave the Gecko and Cavemen alone for a bit and pursue some “random” ads like this.

  2. I agree with Gloria, the Geico gecko had made its run. To me, Geico has done a great job of mixing up their advertising strategies, with the cavemen and now these type of ads. I especially like how they poke fun at the MTV – VH1 behind the music shows in this ad.

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