Lime in your beer?

From Andrew Rossi:

I have seen this ad a couple times now, as it seems the fad for this summer in the beer industry is lime-flavored beers. This is an advertisement for Bud Light Lime, and I found it interesting the way in which they are presenting it in the commercial. The first thing that jumps out to me is the music, which I found out is the sound of Santogold. Santogold is a black multigenre artist who dabbles in hip hop, R&B, and even Latin music, like in this case. Another strategy I notice in the commercial is how the camera seems to emphasize an off-color and almost greenish lighting. Furthermore, I find it interesting that many of the actors used for the commercial have an exotic appearance. All these things (sight, sound, movement, etc) seem to work together perfectly to form a aesthetically pleasing commercial. Also, it is important to note that alluding to summer fun can be a very strong advertising strategy. While I am still unsure how successful this lime marketing ploy will be, I think this style of advertising will prove effective, especially among college aged consumers.


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