From Katharine Strother

This ad for Pepsi aired during the Super Bowl. Poor Justin Timberlake, he’s a tool in this ad. I think its hilarious how they use slapstick humor and basically beat Justin up to promote Pepsi Cola. Especially at the end when he gets knocked out by the plasma screen TV. Whether or not you like his music, its easy to like this ad. One, if you hate him, he gets beat up. Two, if you like him, you get to see his smiling face at the end. Other celebrities in this ad include Tony Stewart (who almost runs over Justin). The ad is funny, keeps your attention, and even invokes sympathy when he keeps crashing into the mailbox. I always enjoy seeing this ad, even months after its debut.


2 Responses

  1. I still enjoy this ad, too. I agree that even if everyone doesn’t like Justin Timberlake, most people could enjoy watching that mailbox hurt his chances of ever bearing children. There aren’t very many commercials featuring celebrities that appeal to both fans and non-fans, and I think that makes this commercial unique.

  2. I really enjoyed this ad too. Im not a Justin Timberlake fan per say but I enjoy his music. But, I have to say that I thought this ad was really entertaining. Maybe it was because Justin was being kind of a jerk in the beginning of the ad when he didnt laugh at his friend sticking chopsticks up his nose. I think that kind of set the viewer up to let themselves enjoy the rest of the ad where he gets beat up. The ad was intriguing and kept me watching to see what happened next. All the things that happened in the ad also had a purpose at the end. Either way, I think Justin Timberlake was a good sport to do this ad because its hilarious!

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