Ashley will remember the Dew

From Ashley Smith:



When I first saw this ad, I had no clue what this commercial was going to be about.  Women were using metal objects during a lightning storm, purposefully trying to get struck by lightning. Were they crazy? However, the ad caught my attention even more when the fact was displayed that men are struck by lightning four more times then women.  I think this was a great strategy in grabbing the consumer’s attention during the commercial because this fun fact is something I will remember; not only will I remember it but I will remember Mountain Dew.  Overall, I’m impressed with Mountain Dew’s new campaign for pushing the envelope that much more.  This ad was hilarious and it’s another reason why I’m thankful to be a woman.



One Response

  1. I like the fact because it really caught my attention but I don’t see how the ad relates to mountain dew. What does Mountain Dew have to do with lightning and women? I will remember the fact but I don’t think I’ll associate it with the drink, and even if I did, I wouldn’t drink that soda.

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