Another Banned Commercial

From Yu Wai Tsoi:

This is a TV commerical of a really popular shampoo brand called rejoice. It was banned showing to public because of the content which is considered not suitable for children. Lucky Youtube still has it. The reason I chose this clip is, not only becuase it was banned due to the funny reason, but also because I want to show other students some Hong Kong advertising work that they have never seen before. Rejoice is known as a shampoo that can make hair smooth and soft. So I think this commerical is not aimming to raise awareness of the audiences, but aimming to make audiences have the desire to buy the product. It gives audiences a sense that after they use the product, they can have hair as smooth as the hair of the actress in the clip. 



One Response

  1. I think this ad is very interesting. This is because the truth that this ad was banned shows the cultural standard in Hong Kong. I think it really depends on cultures whether or not this kind of ad is accpeted. As this blog showed above, this ad was prohibited in Hong Kong. However, in some countries this ad can be accepted. So now I can say ads show cultural standards adn cultural values.

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